Question Answer
dilatory intended to delay
languid lacking energy, spirit, or force
lethargy a severe lack of energy and enthusiasm
melancholy deep sadness or depression
quiescent being still, quiet, or inactive
repose rest, relaxation, peacefulness
sloth laziness, avoiding work or effort
somnambilate to sleepwalk
soporific causing or tending to cause sleep
stupor a confused condition of reduced consciousness, often brought on by shock or illness
abhor to hate intensely
affinity a natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship
animosity bitter hostility
ardent passionate, showing strong enthusiasm or devotion
disdain to regard or treat with contempt or scorn
enamor to inspire with love
estrange to destroy affection or friendliness
judos praise for exceptional achievement
pejorative disrespectful, insulting
repugnance extreme dislike, disgust